Be Heard!

July 26, 2018


Be Heard!

Are you passionate about an issue and feel that your concerns are not being heard, or more importantly, addressed by the federal government?

Do you know someone who is frustrated because the federal government does not reply to their concerns?

Canadians do have the power to draw attention to their concerns and force the federal government to provide them with a response.  This is done through the formal petitions process in the House of Commons.

Through this process, I have presented many petitions on issues from organ and tissue donation to taxes to foreign aid. (

Any person can create a petition and ask their Member of Parliament to present it in the House of Commons.  During the presentation, the MP can also make a few remarks to highlight the purpose of the petition and explain what those who signed it are looking for.

HOWEVER, for a petition to be considered presentable, it must conform to a few formatting rules.  These rules are available on my website at   Please do not create a petition without seeing the formatting requirements ahead of time.  No exceptions to the rules will be granted by the Speaker of the House of Commons and your petition would be considered invalid.

Petitions can now be either on paper or done electronically, but electronic submissions will not allow an MP to rise in the House of Commons to speak to the petition.  On the other hand, electronic petitions are easily shared through social media.  Choose the format that works best for your situation.

If you are inclined to create a paper petition, I would be pleased to present it in the House of Commons as your elected representative for Calgary Confederation.