Canada Post Review

August 17, 2016


(Please note that this consultation has now concluded)

Put Your Stamp On The Process

Times have changed since the first letter was sent in Canada in 1693.  The postal service provided by Canada Post is no longer as dominant in our daily lives as it used to be.  With cell phones, email, texting, paperless billing, e-transfers and courier services, Canada Post has seen its role in our daily lives diminishing annually since 2006.  At the same time, an average of 169,000 new addresses are added each year to the existing 15.8 million existing addresses.

With more places to deliver mail each year and less mail being sent, this has had a dramatic effect on revenues and costs.  Canadians need to take a good look at our postal system and figure out a way to make it both sustainable and affordable.   It is a vicious circle – stamp costs increase to cover growing operating costs which, in turn, results in less mail being sent and revenue dropping even further.

However, we still have a critical need for a national postal system as many Canadians and businesses rely on it for many reasons.  Last year alone, Canada Post delivered almost nine billion items to every corner of Canada.

The time has come for Canadians to look at the future of our postal system to ensure it is both sustainable and affordable for everyone.  A review of Canada Post is now underway and you can participate.

Canadians are being asked to contribute their comments, concerns and, most importantly, their ideas on how we can achieve these goals.  For example, the most common idea I have heard so far is the suggestion to make mail delivery every second business day.  This would save money and the impact on the environment.  Canadians are known for being a resourceful and creative bunch and I am sure there are many more ideas to come.

An independent Task Force is currently gathering facts and developing options for consideration.  Next, a Parliamentary Committee will consult Canadians on the options and make recommendations to the Government on the future of Canada Post.

As your Member of Parliament, I am interested in knowing your views, and would appreciate being copied on your submission.  (Please note that this consultation has now concluded.)