Travel Smart App

February 26, 2018


The Government of Canada wants to ensure that Canadian travellers are well-informed so that they can travel safely and have an enjoyable trip.

Before leaving Canada, Canadian travellers should visit for in-depth safe travel information on their destination from Travel Advice and Advisories. This includes advice on security, entry and exit requirements, travel health, laws and culture, natural disasters and climate, as well as emergency contact information. This content is continuously updated to ensure Canadians always have the best advice possible.

Canadians can also read through the Traveller’s Checklist, which gives ways to contact the Government of Canada in case of emergency.

The free Travel Smart app is another useful tool. It provides timely information at the touch of a screen to Canadians travelling to those sunny destinations and will help them stay connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad.

Canadian travellers are also encouraged to register with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service to receive the latest updates in case of an emergency abroad or a personal emergency at home.